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About Madhavbaug

Welcome to Madhavbaug , an ISO certified world’s first Cardiac rehab centre (hospital) that treats heart disease using Ayurved.

If you are a heart patient and experience chest pain on exertion, just give us your 6 days and we will help to improve your heart non-surgically.

Heart patients with various amount of blockages, who are advised bypass surgery and angioplasty, but who want a non-invasive, non-surgical, Ayurvedic get admitted in Madhavbaug for their treatment.

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Madhavbaug Ayurvedic Cardiac Rehab Center


The main objectives have been to treat Heart diseases non-surgically with minimal invasive procedures, conduct research on fundamental and clinical aspects of Heart diseases and their treatments, to develop new Ayurvedic technology and disseminate it to people in the country and provide specialized clinical and laboratory services to patients.

Organisation and Management

The organisation and management of trust is through Departmentation of activities based on various areas of specialization and functions. The Academic, Scientific, Agricultural and Clinical services are organized under the various Departments of Cardiorespiratory Physiology, Medicine, Clinical Research Centre housing Outdoor/Indoor patient care services.
These departments are headed by the Experienced Members in the concerned area. The General and Personnel Management including various maintenance activities required for the trust are supported by administrative services of the trust.

Responsible towards the Society

Madhavbaug is giving 2 beds free of cost for the patients below poverty line.