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Experiencing Chest Pain? Heart Blockage? Advised Bypass Surgery / Angioplasty?

Heart patients with various amount of blockages, who are advised bypass surgery and angioplasty, but who want a non-surgical, No Side effects then get enrolled for Madhavbaug.

Madhavbaug with more than a decade of expertise in preventive cardiology has a strong track record of patients who have obtained relief from life threatening diseases with Madhavbaug’s Sampurna Hruday Shuddikaran (SHS) theraphy. Madhavbaug has established a strong foothold in non-surgical cardiac care with 200+ clinics and 2 hospitals.

'Madhavbaug', the world's first Ayurvedic Cardiac Rehab centre follows strict principles of Lifestyle modification laid down by ancient Ayurved with a modern touch. 'Madhavbaug Hospital' is suitated in Khopoli away from the city pollution, amid with lush greenery.

Madhavbaug treatments rely on advanced therapies with systematic non-surgical approach to relieve patients of heart disease and risk factors or conditions that cause heart disease. Our treatments are scientifically researched integration of Ayurveda and modern medical science.

We Assess, Treat & Strengthen your Heart


SHS is a Scientific Research backed Ayurvedic Treatment for Patients Advised for Bypass or Angioplasty


SHS Approach for Cardiac Care

Modern Diagnostics

Modern diagnostics ensure that critical parameters and vitals of each patient are accurately assessed for further prognosis. Our Modern diagnostic suite includes CT Angiography, 2D Echo, Stress Test, ABPM, ECG etc...

Ayurveda Therapies

Ayurvedic procedures like Centripetal Oleation, Thermal Vasodilation, Thoracic Drip, Per Rectal Drug Administration and Oral Therapy that form the core of the heart disease reversal treatments to increase the aerobic effort tolerance of the heart

Diet, Yoga & Lifestyle

A healthy Diet, Yoga & Lifestyle are your best weapons to fight cardiovascular disease. A researched diet designed scientifically for portion-controlled food intake that helps in optimally achieving the minimum energy requirement of the body.

Natural Mediciations

Oral herbal medicines that cause no side effects are used to increase blood supply to the heart.

With its unique approach of using non-invasive, multidisciplinary, and innovative therapies, Madhavbaug has successfully established itself as a dependable option for treating heart ailments.


SHS Therapy has Helped Over 10 Lakh Patients

  • Improved Quality Of Life, With Increased Activity & Ability To Enjoy Life
  • Freedom From Breathlessness, Chest Pain & Other Symptomsm
  • Less Dependence On Medicines & other Treatments
  • Improved Blood Flow To Heart & Increase In Ejection Fraction
  • Freedom from chronic diseases such as Cardiac disease, diabetes, hypertension & obesity


Benefits of Madhavbaug SHS Treatment

  • Improved Heart efforts tolerance level in least duration
  • No requirement of anaesthesia and painless treatment
  • Herbal treatments without side effects
  • Combines Ayurvedic therapy with exercise, balanced diet and a straighten and scientific daily routine
  • Improve the health of blood vessels noninvasively
  • Freedom from great diseases non surgically

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Medical Facilities at Madhavbaug Khopoli Hospital

  • 24 hours in-house Doctors
  • Pysiotherapy and Cardiac Excercise Room
  • PathLab
  • Cardianc Ambulance Services
  • ICU
  • Pharmacy
  • Panchmahabhoot Temple
  • Walking and Jogging Tracks
  • Yoga and Meditation Centre
  • 1.20 Lac sqft of Lush Green Lawns
  • Well Equipped Kitchen with Dining Room

Voice of Our Patient

Mr. Hardeep Singh Maan, Gondia

Catering business man Hardeep Singh was living his life happily. But one day suddenly he felt a pain in his chest, that pain was of heart attack! After getting admitted to the hospital on the same day, he came to know about the blockages. Due to the fear of heart attack, blockages and his increased insulin injection dosage, Hardeep Singh and his family were going through complete stress.

But today He are living a happy life free from the fear of blockages, diabetes and heart attack. To know how this change happened in the life of Hardeep Singji, definitely watch the video till the end.

Mr. Durga Das Nayak, Nagpur

We all get scared by the name of blockages, thinking that there will be no heart attack and we avoid it. But can blockages be treated without any surgery? This question always comes in our mind. If you want to get the answer of this question, then definitely listen to this video of Durga Das Nayakji till the end.

SHS Treatment has been recognised by 150+ Leading Publications & Research Journals Globally


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Give a Miss Call: 022 4893 1441

DIRECT PHONE: + 91 8788142942


Hospital Address

Madhavbaug (Kondhali Hospital)
Mauja Salai (khurd), Near HP Petrol Pump, On Nagpur-Amravati Highway, Tal-Katol, Kondhali, Dist – Nagpur.


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